The Bonita Unified School District is committed to the concept that students should be educated to their fullest potential with rigorous educational opportunities commensurate with their accomplishments and needs. Students who possess superior ability and potential are unique. The district's Gifted and Talented Educational (GATE) Program is designed to challenge the abilities of these young people and to provide them with learning experiences that go beyond standard classroom activities.
The mission of Bonita Unified School District's GATE program is to discover and nurture the unique academic and creative potential of all gifted and talented students, as well as to enhance the social, ethical and physical aspects of their educational experience.
The GATE Program has seven goals:
  1. Serve all eligible students, including underserved
  2. Ensure maximum academic growth
  3. Encourage and develop responsible leadership in society
  4. Develop positive attitudes toward the value of education and a commitment to continuous learning
  5. Encourage healthy self-concepts
  6. Provide professional support and development of staff
  7. Encourage collaboration with parents, staff and students to promote excellence

The process of identifying gifted and talented students typically begins with the classroom teacher and the gathering of information about a student's intellectual and scholastic ability, talents and leadership.  Beginning in third grade, all students have the opportunity to be screened for qualification through special testing and recommendations based on the district's criteria. No single test score or measure is the sole factor in determining whether or not to recommend a student for placement.
Gifted and talented students are likely to possess some of the following abilities:
Early Reader
Great Curiosity
Remarkable Memory
Great Imagination
Learns Rapidly
Wide Range of Interests
Abundance of Energy
Enjoys Challenges
Works Independently
Adjusts to Change
Good Vocabulary
Develops Generalizations
INTELLECTUALLY GIFTED: The student possessing or showing potential for outstanding intellectual ability that is consistently superior to that of other students in the school, to the extent that they can profit from specially planned educational services beyond those normally provided by the standard school program.
HIGH ACHIEVER: The student possessing exceptionally high scores on achievement tests and/or consistently producing advanced ideas and products to the extent that he/she can profit from specially-planned educational services beyond those normally provided by the standard school program.  A student may possess an academic aptitude in a specific subject area that is consistently superior to the aptitudes of other students in the school. 
Students who have qualified as GATE are clustered into 4th and 5th grade classrooms and receive differentiated instrcution throughout the instructional day.  This includes opportunities for acceleration, extension and/or enrichment of the classroom curriculum, and collaborative group work.  Additional minutes may occur for enrichment over and above the instructional day.
Parenting a gifted/high achieving student is both a challenge and a joy. An involved parent can assist in resolving the educational issues they may face.
Parents can assist by:
  • Maintaining positive communication with the school
  • Being an advocate for a strong educational program for all students
  • Working with the school to build appropriate programs
  • Seeking intellectual as well a sage appropriate peers
  • Encouraging activities that will stretch student talents
  • Remembering being gifted does not imply perfection

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